COVID-19 is creating unique set of operational challenges that demand better access to information about vessel locations and their maritime environment. To support the industry at this time, we’re offering VFI Plus to shipping companies for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simply tell us which features you would like to access at no cost here.

Enhance Situational Awareness

Accurate Decision Making

Greater Visibility On-shore

Improve Your Operations

Improve operational oversight and safety

VFI Plus features the ability to view live vessel positions on C-MAP charts, overlay weather conditions, display MARPOL zones and view all nearby vessels within a user-defined distance.

Product Image
Product Image

View fleet movements, past and present

VFI Plus’s unique ‘go back in time’ feature leverages GNS’s huge maritime data assets to enables users to view and verify vessel positions for specific dates and times as far back as 2015.


Maritime weather

High quality 3-day weather forecast provides easy access to crucial parameters such as wind, wave, currents, swell, air pressure and ice plus animation to check impact on routes.

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Product Image

Monitor maritime risks

As a result of GNS’s collaboration with maritime security experts Risk Intelligence, VFI Plus also introduces the ability for users to view the latest maritime security issues globally, together with the option to also access premium detailed seaborne and port-related risk information.

Access AVCS Online

For shipping companies that demand the highest levels of operational safety and risk management, the ability to view exactly the same chart information as the vessels in their fleet are using for primary navigation is increasingly important. That’s why VFI Plus is also one of the first web services to offer access to the UK Hydrographic Office ENCs and Admiralty Information Overlay via AVCS Online service as a premium subscription option.


Product Image
Product Image

Existing or new customer?

VFI Plus is available free of charge during the COVID-19 crisis to all shipping companies irrespective of whether they purchase navigational products from GNS or not.

If you’re an existing Voyager customer, we’ll simply switch on VFI Plus for free, giving you complete access to manage and monitor your vessels online. Contact your local Customer Service representative here.

New to GNS, no problem at all. Just simply tell us which features you would like to access at no cost and we’ll get you all set up. Tailor your set up here.

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VFI Plus package includes

Our VFI Plus package includes premium fleet tracking, improves operational oversight and enhanced vessel safety:

  • Premium Fleet Tracking
  • Fleet Overview
  • CMAP Charts
  • Adjacent Vessels
  • Historic Vessel Positions
  • Maritime Weather
  • Marpol Zones
  • Maritime Risks

Switch on VFI Plus for free

Access VFI for free during the COVID-19 pandemic, with no obligation. You’ll see exactly what VFI Plus can do for you. With nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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