Voyager SUPERYACHT Package

Everything you need for safe, efficient navigation and lowest priced charts and publications.

Voyager SUPERYACHT is a new kind of navigation service for superyacht customers that has been designed to make managing navigation requirements easier and more cost-effective.

Membership includes


  • Simple ordering of official charts and publications for the voyage and trading area.
  • Accurate route or zone based ordering of digital and paper charts and publications.
  • Instant access to digital chart permits on board.
  • Pay as you go Sail or On-demand purchasing options.
  • Weather routing (requires additional weather service subscription)
  • Secure route or zone based chart and publication updating.
  • Marpol zone management and emissions reporting tool.
  • Navigation compliance management.
  • Safe transfer of ECDIS via V-DRIVE: route exchange, digital charts and updates.
  • eBook reader for one stop shop technical library (IMO, etc) access and management.
  • Voyager HEALTHCHECK - monitoring of the yacht's system health status and available software updates,
  • Remote support and diagnostics for the navigational software including service Desk access via Voyager on board to resolve issues.
  • All system backups stored in the Voyager Cloud.
  • e-Learning - Voyager Training Zone provides CBT for crews to familiarise themselves with software, as well as other training resources.
  • Automatic software updates and fixes

Yacht Management

  • Premium terrestrial and satellite yacht tracking.
  • Wallboard mode for large screen fleet monitoring.
  • Real-time route monitoring.
  • Detailed information on digital product usage and overspend.
  • Shore-based compliance management - view actual requirements by flag, track inventories and manage issues.
  • PSC inspection histories.
  • Historic tracking and sea hours data for better budgeting and cost management.
  • Port call histories.
  • KPI reporting.
  • Online order approval and billing history.
  • Accessed via any device.

Choose from either of these ENC purchasing options

Choose from either of these ENC purchasing options


Order charts as you need them and get these delivered on board within 10 minutes.

Pay as you sail

Open access to ENC's with billing based on where a yacht has sailed.

Additional features


Make voyage optimisation decisions with confidence.
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Real time vessel position from back of bridge.
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Voyager VOICE

Low cost, high quality calls between shore and ship.
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Voyager MONEY

Safe, convenient, more secure way of managing the cash your vessels need
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Intel i7, touchscreen, easy to install and use

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What's included in



With a wide range of tools, Voyager SUPERYACHT will change the way you navigate. 

Pay as you go Sail or On-demand purchasing options

Yachts can choose to use Pay as you sail or buy ENC's On-demand to meet their navigation requirements. Pay as you Sail provides near-worldwide open access to ENCs with billing based on where a yacht has sailed. On-demand customers order charts as they are needed with permits delivered on board within 10 minutes.

Enhanced compliance

Voyager SUPERYACHT tells you exactly which products each vessel needs to sail safely and compliantly, which ones you're missing and which ones a vessel has got that it doesn't need. We also give you tools to show you which vessels have gaps and where you need to focus on - in a very visual way. So it's easy to work out where you need to focus your attention to eliminate any compliance risk.

Yacht tracking and wallboard

Voyager SUPERYACHT includes global terrestrial and satellite AIS yacht tracking. Positions are updated every 10-minutes for enhanced shore-based awareness. Display yacht positions in wallboard mode in office and reception areas or view on any device. Route plans can also be uploaded and monitored against live vessel positions to ensure better yacht safety and security.

Pristine set of freshly printed paper

Voyager SUPERYACHT customers can opt to receive a pristine set of freshly printed paper charts every time they switch sailing area. GNS's state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities enable British Admiralty charts to be printed to order complete with professionally applied-chart corrections to ensure the correct information is always available and in use on yachts.

Tailored digital and paper chart folios

Customers can choose to buy charts and publications on demand or select from one of GNS's carefully prepared chart folios. Folios cover both digital and paper charts and have been carefully tailored to Superyacht sailing requirements using GNS's extensive historic yacht sailing data and analysis.

KPI's for better management

For yacht managers, Voyager SUPERYACHT also provides key metrics, including nautical miles and sea hours sailed, to support operations management and budgeting. Importantly for Yacht Management companies, the service also includes the option to bring your own data into the GNS's Voyager FLEET INSIGHT data analytics platform - for example to make tracking of maintenance requirements easier.

Environmentally-friendly navigation service

All packaging is printed on FSC-certified paper and is fully recyclable without any hidden plastics. Software is delivered on bamboo USBs. GNS also offers a recycling service on any paper charts it supplies - often passing them on to maritime colleges for crew training purposes.

24/7 Service

Voyager SUPERYACHT customers also get unlimited access to GNS's 24/7/365 pro-quality service provided by GNS customer service teams located into GNS offices in Singapore and Athens.



Try Voyager SUPERYACHT yourself with our FREE 3 month trial to make sure it's right for you.