For better yacht management

Manage navigation requirements with greater accuracy, track yachts wherever they are in the world and operate more cost-effectively with cost price supplies.

Voyager SUPERYACHT allows superyacht management companies to manage navigation more efficiently.

Operations teams have access to navigation inventories and compliance records right when they need them. Route plans can be uploaded and monitored against live vessel positions to ensure better yacht safety and security.

Port calls, sailing hours, nautical miles as well as navigational costs can be seen at a glance across the fleet to help you stay better informed about overall fleet performance.

Track your fleet in any location

Voyager SUPERYACHT includes global terrestrial and satellite AIS yacht tracking. Positions are updated every 10-minutes for enhanced shore-based awareness. Display yacht positions in wallboard mode in office and reception areas or view on any device.

Pay as you sail or On-demand

With Voyager SUPERYACHT, yachts can choose to use Pay as you Sail or buy ENCs On-demand to meet their navigation requirements. Pay as you Sail provides near-worldwide open access to ENCs with billing based on where a yacht has sailed. On-demand customers order charts as they need them with permits delivered on board within 10 minutes.

Pristine paper charts for each new sailing season

Our tailored folios of British Admiralty paper charts have been carefully designed using superyacht sailing histories going back to 2015 to ensure yachts have exactly the charts they need. Each folio is freshly printed to order using state-of-the-art digital printers located in GNS office locations worldwide each time a yacht changes sailing area. And every chart in the box is delivered with all chart corrections professionally applied ensuring yachts have the latest, fully up to date charts onboard.

Better compliance management

With Voyager SUPERYACHT we give you the tools to see exactly which products each vessel needs to sail safely and compliantly tailored to your Flag. Instantly see what’s missing and what you don’t need in a very visual way so it’s easy to work out where you need to focus crew attention to enhance safety and eliminate compliance risks.

Cost price supplies

With Voyager SUPERYACHT you get all your navigation supplies at cost price (that’s zero mark up to GNS). That gives us a shared incentive to never sell you more than you need and help you drive down costs whilst at the same time enhancing your navigation safety and compliance.

Bring your own data for an even more personalised experience

Yacht managers can also add their own data to Voyager FLEET INSIGHT to provide an enhanced view of operations. The open Voyager FLEET framework makes it easier for operations teams to manage maintenance schedules, monitor performance more widely across the fleet and even keep track of wider operational costs.



Why choose GNS for your navigational requirements?

Supports over 600 maritime organisations.

Manage over 8000 commercial vessels and yachts worldwide.


Voyager SUPERYACHT opens up a world of possibilities.
Start using Voyager SUPERYACHT today.

Voyager SUPERYACHT opens up a world of possibilities. Start using Voyager SUPERYACHT today.



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