Voyager FLEET INSIGHT is powerful, intuitive, secure, reliable and easy to deploy. It works seamlessly with Voyager onboard software and delivers the information you need when you need it.

Save time, work more efficiently

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT saves time by putting important information about your vessels from IMO numbers to Class and Flag information and even ownership history at your fingertips. Discover more with our Voyager FLEET INSIGHT video.

Improve fleet monitoring and control

See where your vessels are all the time, to improve situational awareness and enhance shore based operational decision- making. Options to view historical track and overlay navigation product information enhance visibility further.

Stop wasting money

With Voyager FLEET INSIGHT, you know exactly what your vessels are spending, why they are spending it, where they are wasting money, where the untapped navigation cost savings are and, most importantly, how to unlock those savings. Discover more with our Voyager FLEET INSIGHT video.

Simplify compliance

Navigation-related observations and deficiencies during Port State Control inspections are increasing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Voyager FLEET INSIGHT, you know exactly what your vessels need for navigational compliance and where you may be exposed. View information for each individual vessel’s Flag, Class, trading specific and, even, where relevant, SIRE requirements, so you never need be exposed again.

Get help with compliance KPIs

Using Voyager FLEET INSIGHT, managers always know exactly how their vessels are performing 
in terms of Port State Control inspections to stay on top of their compliance KPI measurement and monitoring. Records going back 3 years are stored for each vessel and are easily accessible within one or two clicks. Discover more with our Voyager FLEET INSIGHT video.

Plan and estimate more accurately

The complexity that comes with managing a global fleet can also make it hard to identify the areas where value can be added. Get the edge by using Voyager FLEET INSIGHT’s historic trading information, sea hours and port call data to tailor operational cost estimates to vessels’ actual trading patterns, assess actual spend against budget and more accurately plan maintenance schedules.

Always on access

The information in Voyager FLEET INSIGHT is accessible instantly at any time day or night from anywhere – desk top PC, laptop, tablet or phone. There’s no need to wait for someone to reply to an email, answer the phone or check and get back to you. It’s also very easy to deploy – no complex set up, software installation or IT department intervention required. Discover more with our Voyager FLEET INSIGHT video.

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What our customers say:

Compliance is a key factor for us and by working with GNS we were able to take advantage of their unique data insight and be sure we have met PSC requirements whilst reducing unnecessary spend.
Stephen Hardy - Group Marine Operations and Environmental Manager
‎Interorient Marine Services

Our journey into digital navigation started with GNS.  The workshop helped us to really understand the benefits that digital products could deliver, and we were able to streamline our paper products and make considerable savings.  It’s good to know that we’re being well looked after.

Antonio Merkouris, Technical Manager Sea Sovereignty Ship Management Ltd.

“The most important thing for us is safe transportation of our cargoes globally. We wanted a solution that would really enhance bridge operations and support our crews in improving safety and efficiency onboard, Crew feedback on the GNS solution during our trials was exceptional across all areas in particular ease of use and simplicity, as well as the sophistication of the tools provided. GNS’s Voyager solution has become a great tool for us.”

Capt. Martin Brzuska, Head of Group Marine Assurance, DPA

Epic Gas

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