Voyager is an easy to deploy, easy to use software platform that enables crews to access and use a wide variety of marine software tools in one place and ship managers to track key operational indicators by sharing information between ship and shore.

An all-in-one solution

Voyager HUB installs in seconds to give your mariners access to the navigation related software and services they need via one single platform. With Voyager HUB its easy for crews to find, view, use and update what they need. You can even include your own company applications on the platform. Better still Voyager HUB is available as free download.

Management insight

Voyager HUB helps managers to manage by sharing important information between ship and shore. By using Voyager, real time vessel position can be monitored against planned routes, navigation compliance status can be checked ahead of port entry and *coming soon* onboard PC security can also be monitored remotely. Find out more about Voyager FLEET INSIGHT.

We partner with other maritime experts

To give you the best experience both ashore and on board, GNS both develops our own software solutions and collaborates with some of the world’s leading marine solutions and service companies to give you more. Whether you’re looking for voyage optimisation, weather or non-navigation related services like Voyager MONEY, you have access to world-leading solutions. Here are just some of the Voyager HUB applications available today.


Improve productivity by simplifying route planning, voyage optimisation, products ordering, inventory management and updating. Reduce the risk of human error and navigation-related observations and deficiencies by as much as 44%. Take the Voyager tour and find out more.

Safer, easier ENC updating

V-Drive simplifies the process of transferring ENCs from the back of bridge computer to the ECDIS while, at the same time, helping to protect against the transfer of malware. Simply plug the V-Drive into the USB socket of your PC to download all the ENCs, ENC updates, permits and route files your ECDIS needs.

Real time vessel position back of bridge

Voyager’s GPS tool enables you to view your vessel’s live position in Voyager PLANNING STATION on official ENCs or map back of bridge to improve situational awareness and provide an extra e-navigation back up onboard. This services includes free NMEA 0183 USB 
to connect your onboard PC to your GPS feed.

Free Emissions data capture tool

We’ve made capturing CO2 data for your fleet easy with our free Emissions Data Capture app. Crew use the app to record data for each voyage. All your data is available in open source CSV format for in-house analysis or ready to share with a third party EU MRV and IMO DCS service provider. Download the free EU-MRV app here to see just how easy it is!

Keep track of ENC spending

Whether you buy your ENCs via Voyager OPEN PERMIT pay as you sail or in a bundle, with Voyager HUB you can monitor the charts you are using and what you are spending in real time. Get an ENC quote here.

Digital Technical Library

With 600 nautical publications all in one place, the Witherby eBook reader is the best way to buy, manage and view the Flag State and technical library information vessels need. Easily access IMO, Intertanko, SIGTTO, and many other titles, use a global search facility to find information quickly and efficiently and electronically download New Editions making it easier to stay compliant while saving thousands of dollars on carriage costs every year.

Admiralty digital publications

Access all 86 official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications available in an electronic format via one ADMIRALTY eBook reader. The range includes Sailing Directions, the Mariner’s Handbook and many more. Easy to use and update, ADMIRALTY eNPs bring improved efficiency, accuracy and access to information bridge officers need and are approved for use by the Flag States of over three quarters of ships trading internationally. Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) are also available via Voyager Planning Station.

Weather routing

Access your choice of weather routing solution from the world’s leading weather providers including Meteo Group and StormGeo. Use in conjunction with Voyager PLANNING STATION to optimise routes for weather, identify the ENCs you need to sail compliantly and export direct to ECDIS via your V-Drive.


This new tool displays live vessel position on ENCs in Voyager PLANNING STATION to improve situational awareness and provide an extra e-navigation backup on the bridge. Search by cargo type, facility and geographical location.

Voyager MONEY

Voyager MONEY lets you manage the cash your fleet needs more safely, easily and cost-effectively. Transfer funds as vessels need them and keep your cash in the bank for longer. Save on ship agent and bank fees and benefit from preferential foreign exchange rates. While all the time knowing your transactions are protected by Mastercard security. Read more.


With Voyager ROUTE EXCHANGE, GNS continues its rapid pace of delivering major advancements and new levels of insight for shore-based executives. Using Voyager ROUTE EXCHANGE, shipmanagers can monitor vessel position against planned routes in near real-time to enhance situational awareness and improve vessel security. The service is free of charge to companies subscribing to the Voyager FLEET INSIGHT Navigation Management service.

Inbuilt PC safety and security

The free Voyager HEALTH CHECK app helps keep your PC running smoothly by detecting virus and malware threats, scanning the Windows system for potential issues and keeping your hard drive clean. Voyager HEALTH CHECK is easy to run and free to use. To get started simply download Voyager HUB.

Even more services at your fingertips

With Voyager HUB, it’s easy to create options that make sense for how you manage your fleet and achieve exciting digitally-led efficiencies. Other Hub services include a catalogue and ordering facility, tools to manage technical library compliance, tools to generate passage plans for routes planned using GNS’s Voyager PLANNING STATION and computer based training applications. There is even a tool to monitor the cyber health of your back of bridge PC. And all through one simple, secure, Voyager HUB platform.

We don’t just make great software, our software also shares information with Voyager FLEET INSIGHT, a powerful online system that gives you unique visibility of what’s happening onboard. Voyager FLEET INSIGHT collects, stores and analyses millions of data-points everyday to make it easier than ever before for you to manage ship operations, prevent overspend and maintain safety and compliance. Voyager FLEET INSIGHT is proven to save $’000 per vessel per year. Get a free analysis of your navigational spend here.

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