Important information regarding Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP)

October 20, 2017

The UKHO have advised the following information regarding Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP).

ADP V18 Product Update:

1. Introduction of tidal data updating. This will be available alongside the ADLL and ADRS updates, and will enable the certificate to be updated to reflect the latest updates applied. Digital VARs have been advised how this will affect them.
2. User analytics. The UKHO are planning to introduce a capability to capture analytics from user interaction with the software, which will be used to inform future development decisions.
ADP Support:

Support for V16 will be withdrawn in January 2018.

Please contact customer services to ensure you are using supported versions of the software. Please note that the UKHO will not be providing an XP-compatible version of ADP with 2018 data.

Furthermore, the UKHO have announced that they will no longer support V15 from January 2017. From December 2017 the UKHO will be withdrawing the V15 update format, therefore users of V15 will no longer be able to update.

Additional Information:

DP560 was launched in 2001 alongside Admiralty TotalTide (ATT) and has not been substantially updated since. It allows simplified harmonics to be entered for selected ports to calculate tidal predictions. ATT provides more accurate predictions using full harmonics without manual entry.

NP160 brings together simplified harmonic constants for European ports for use in DP560. These constants, along with the simplified harmonic method itself, are published in the relevant volumes of Admiralty Tide Tables.


Q: Can I continue to use the Simplified Harmonic Method?

A: The full Simplified Harmonic Method will continue to be described in Admiralty Tide Tables, including the calculation steps needed to calculate a prediction. This can be encoded in software or a spreadsheet by anyone wishing to continue to use the method, for instance in academic research.

Q: Where can I find simplified harmonic constants for European waters?

A: Simplified harmonic constants will continue to be published in Part III of Admiralty Tide Tables. Volumes 1A, 1B and 2 cover European waters.