New Edition Alert: IMDG Code (IMO 200)

August 29, 2018

GNS customers are advised that IMO will publish a New Edition of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code in September 2018. To order New Editions for your vessels please contact GNS Customer Services by emailing

Category: Essential Carriage Requirement for most non-Tanker categories

This title is a carriage requirement Under MARPOL and SOLAS Regulations for all applicable vessels carrying classified Dangerous Goods and Marine Pollutants at Sea as defined within the IMDG Code.

This New Edition will be mandatory from 1 January 2020. Customers should note that it may be applied by Administrations in whole or in part on a voluntary basis from 1 January 2019. Once published in September 2018, it will render the 2014 edition invalid.

Purpose and Content

The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, which was first published in 1965, amplifies the requirements of both SOLAS and MARPOL Conventions and has become the standard guide to all aspects of handling dangerous goods and marine pollutants in sea transport.

The IMDG Code lays down basic principles: detailed recommendations for individual substances, materials and articles, and a number of recommendations for good operational practice, including advice on terminology, packing, labelling, stowage, segregation and handling, and emergency response action.

The Code has undergone many changes over the years, in both format and content, in order to keep up with the rapid expansion of the shipping industry. Amendment 39-18 includes revisions to various sections of the Code and to transport requirements for specific substances. It was adopted by IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at its ninety-ninth session in May 2018.


This book is available in paper as well as in digital format using either the IMO and Witherby eReader platforms which are both available free of charge via your Voyager HUB software.