New Edition Alert – IHS Markit Ports & Terminals Guide 2019–2020

November 5, 2018

The 2019 Edition IHS Markit’s Ports & Terminals Guide 2019–2020 is now available. Providing you with the very latest up to date ports and terminals information.

New for 2019

  • Covers 6,114 ports and 13,125 terminals, giving you over 19,200 ports and terminals
  • 4,044 port plans and 1,115 individual plan updates
  • 24,000 port service providers
  • 100% geo-referenced berths
  • CD-ROM with Google Earth capabilities to zoom into port areas and individual berths

Purpose & Content

The IHS Markit Ports & Terminals Guide is widely considered to be the most comprehensive and up to date information source for commercial shipping. This one-stop-shop publication provides detailed information of 19,200 ports and terminals to assist with better port call management, save crews time and save money compared to purchasing multiple information products to achieve the same coverage.

Purchase one subscription, get both the paper and digital version

IHS Markit Ports & Terminals Guide 2019/20 is supplied as a paper publication and includes a complimentary digital version that can be displayed and accessed standalone as well as via your Voyager HUB.

About IHS Markit

Formed from the merger of I.H.S and Markit in 2016, I.H.S Markit brings together the deepest intelligence across numerous industries and markets with a team that includes more than 5,000 analysts, data scientists, financial experts and industry specialists.

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