Voyager VOICE offers high quality, reliable calls, flat-rate price transparency and up to 40% savings on shore to ship calls.

Smarter operations

Efficient communication

Complete transparency

Productive crew

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Offering shore to ship voice communication.

GNS has partnered with FrontM to offer our customers a cost-effective and reliable shore to ship voice calling service. The new service brings together GNS’s extensive maritime experience and FrontM’s Voice Over Internet Protocol technology. Discover more.

Savings of up to 40%.

Save up to 40% on shore to ship voice calls to bridge satellite numbers with a flat-rate cost of just $3.60 per minute.

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Collaborate more. Make smarter decisions.

A simple, cost-effective and transparent way to enable shore-based personnel to connect and collaborate with vessel-based teams. Find out more.

Intelligent apps. Improving connectivity.

Mobile and desk based Office-based users can call vessels from their desk using the Voyager VOICE web site or on-the-go from a smartphone app. Request a demo.

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Easy and efficient telephone directory.

Comprehensive vessel ‘telephone directory’ enable users to quickly find the right number to call.

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Ποιος φοβάται τη βελτιστοποίηση της εισόδου σε λιμάνι;

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H εφαρμογή GPS OVERLAY (Υπέρθεσης GPS) τώρα λειτουργεί πιλοτικά με ενσύρματο και ασύρματο GPS για πλοήγηση έκτακτης ανάγκης

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