The easy, completely transparent way to manage navigation compliance and costs online. Track vessels, manage compliance, view historic trading and reduce your cost of navigation.

Enhance Compliance

Improve Control

Reduce Costs

Share Data

Track every fleet from one location

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT tracks every vessel worldwide, helping you to manage your fleet all from one location. Historic tracking, nautical miles sailed and sea hours analysis enable costs to be more accurately predicted and help improve budgeting and maintenance scheduling. Try it for free.

Product Image
Product Image

Save time, work more efficiently

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT gives you a detailed view of individual vessels’ navigational activities and compliance requirements helps you ensure that your vessels are compliant at all times. View information for each individual vessel’s Flag, Class, trading specific and, even, where relevant, SIRE requirements, so you never need be exposed again.

Identify overspend & unlock cost savings

The purchasing and usage of data in Voyager FLEET INSIGHT shows that even the best run fleets significantly overspend on navigation. Identify the ENC and digital publication overspend in your fleet and reduce your cost of navigation. See how much you could save?

Product Image
Product Image

View your fleet live on a large screen

In wallboard mode, Voyager FLEET INSIGHT provides continuous display of live vessel positions on large screen in your office. Giving you full visibility of your fleet at all times. This feature is available through out Voyager NAVIGATION as a SERVICE package.

Get help with KPIs

Using Voyager FLEET INSIGHT, managers always know exactly how their vessels are performing
in terms of Port State Control inspections to stay on top of their compliance KPI measurement and monitoring. Records going back 3 years are stored for each vessel and are easily accessible within one or two clicks.

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Product Image

Which navigation package is right for you?

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT Essentials provides a core sets of tools for managing navigation purchasing and compliance. Free of charge for GNS customers. Get started with Essentials

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT Navigation Management is the easiest, completely transparent way to manage navigation online. Includes premium vessel tracking, navigation spend analysis, wall board feature and much more. See how much you could save.

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Voyager FLEET INSIGHT Essentials (free for GNS customers)

Our entry level Voyager FLEET INSIGHT service is called Essentials because it provides a core set of tools that help you manage the navigation requirements of your fleet. Essentials is free to all GNS customers and includes hourly vessel tracking.

  • Vessel Summary
  • Subscription Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Order Management
  • Inspections Reports
  • Payments & Billing History

Request your free trial

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Voyager NAVIGATION as a SERVICE (VNaaS) incl. Voyager Essentials

VNaaS provides the complete Voyager Essentials package along with the following navigational services. Providing a unique combination of vessel software, online analytics and cost price navigation supplies for both on-board and on-shore requirements.

Everything you need for safe efficient navigation and lowest priced charts and publications

  • Data analytics for fleet management on shore
  • Complete suite of navigation software for onboard use
  • Digital navigation supplies at cost price

Voyager Hub + Voyager Planning Station + Voyager Fleet Insight

Find out how much you could save.

28-day free trial

Request your no obligation free trial here. You’ll get 28-days to see exactly what Voyager FLEET INSIGHT can do for you. With nothing to lose and everything to gain – get started now.

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