GNS’s Cyber Security and Protection portfolio is designed to protect against threats faced by shipping companies today. It provides essential security capabilities to help protect both people and assets in the face of emerging strategic and operational business challenges.


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Protection on board starts at the point of ship’s connectivity which is usually the vessel’s PC. With cyber threats on the increase and continually evolving, there is an increasing need to monitor and analyse system activity to identify and prevent attempted incursions. Our Voyager PC HEALTH CHECK application helps protect the onboard PC by bringing together lots of tools in one comprehensive programme that identify the vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers use to penetrate your systems.

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Maritime Cyber Security Awareness Training - MCA approved

GNS has partnered with the team at Be Cyber Aware at Sea to provide cyber security awareness training for the Maritime and Offshore industries. This course is aimed at one of the biggest vulnerabilities onboard, ‘The Human Element’ and helps to develop an understanding and awareness of the emerging cyber threat.

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USB/flashdrive has evolved as the most common way to move data from the connected PC back of the bridge to the ECDIS to help keep the front of bridge environment secure. V-DRIVE helps protect the ECDIS from malware.

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GNS Guide to Cyber Security

GNS has developed the 3i Framework in conjunction with maritime security specialists to support and help customers in the development of their cyber risk management strategies. It provides 6 simple steps that everyone can take to significantly reduce cyber security risks long before the need to invest in professional support or high-technology.

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GNS enhances Voyager PLANNING STATION with the introduction of MARPOL compliance management tools

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H Siam Lucky Marine επιλέγει τον όμιλο GNS για να τους προμηθεύσει ECDIS με οθόνη αφής, λογισμικό Voyager και ENCs

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Voyager FLEET INSIGHT video - Track every ship in your fleet from one location

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