GNS provides software and data analytics solutions that support over 600 maritime organisations across the shipping industry and more than 6,500 vessels worldwide.


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Depth of maritime knowledge.

From marine departments in shipping companies to commercial chartering teams, we work with our customers to provide unique levels of information, insight and transparency that is used to support commercial and operational decisions in ways that we believe to be truly transformative. Discover more about smarter navigation.

Navigation: it’s in our DNA.

For centuries, mariners were required to carry hundreds of paper charts and publications as a ‘just in case’ scenario. Today, the chart room has gone. Digital charts and publications can be held electronically onboard and latest versions downloaded within minutes to meet any requirement. This new way of navigating is providing accurate information to support navigation and beyond and new types of systems are enabling new levels of transparency, connectivity, automation and data-led safety, compliance, purchasing, monitoring and control. Discover more about our VNaaS offering.

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Data Intelligence. It's the future.

Our data and analytics capabilities enable us to see every IMO registered vessel in the world in ways that others can’t. Voyager FLEET INSIGHT is the window to that data – providing different views for different audiences across shipping and ship management, chartering, equipment manufacturing, ship supplies, maintenance and insurance sectors.

Sharing information between ship and shore.

Our Voyager ecosystem joins up ship and shore-based stakeholders to provide end to end services and solutions that meet the needs of owners and operators for navigational safety, compliance and efficiency. It also provides a single version of the truth with which decisions can be made and incidents can be managed with confidence. Discover more about smarter navigation.

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Shipping is a global, 24/7/365 business. And so are we.

We provide global 24/7 service and support to keep fleets moving day and night. Present in 26 countries, we provide shipping vessels and super yachts with a broad range of digital solutions for real-time navigation, navigation management, voyage optimisation, regulatory compliance, ship-to-shore communications and cyber security. Giving shipping companies what they want, when they want it. Discover more about how we can support you.

GNS enhances Voyager PLANNING STATION with the introduction of MARPOL compliance management tools

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H Siam Lucky Marine επιλέγει τον όμιλο GNS για να τους προμηθεύσει ECDIS με οθόνη αφής, λογισμικό Voyager και ENCs

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Voyager FLEET INSIGHT video - Track every ship in your fleet from one location

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Across the world’s ports, seas and oceans, we’re proud to support the global shipping industry.
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