P&O Ferries work with GNS solutions to achieve purchasing cost efficiencies and simplify navigation management and compliance on board.

P&O Ferries, the British ferry company that operates ferries from the UK to Ireland and Continental Europe selected GNS to provide navigation products and services for its fleet of 15 vessels. GNS supply digital and paper navigational products as well as Voyager software to all P&O vessels for a fixed annual price. GNS is also supporting P&O vessels as they move to an increasingly digital approach to navigation including the transition from a paper to digital publications to maximise on board efficiencies.

GNS supplies an ENCs and Voyager bundle to the entire E.R. Schiffahrt fleet of 98 vessels at one fixed annual price, enabling the management team to manage all their annual ENC purchasing via a single purchase order and invoice.

E.R. Schiffahrt is one of the leading Hamburg-based shipmanagement companies with activities in container and bulk segments. GNS used detailed analysis of each individual vessel’s trading pattern and chart usage to calculate the annual fixed price, an approach that enables E.R. Schiffahrt to ensure each vessel gets accurately charged for the ENCs it needs. In addition, the E.R. Schiffahrt crews route plan and order all the ENCs for their intended voyages using the GNS Voyager software and receive all the ENC permits they need instantly via Voyager’s Instant Permit facility.

“The optimised ENC supply by the GNS bundle increases safety on board. Furthermore it is enabling us to significantly reduce our ENC-related admin costs and is making ENC purchasing more efficient both onboard and in the office – we are delighted with this result.”

Captain Christoph Werner

Director Quality Assurance, HSSE & Nautical, E.R. Schiffahrt

GNS supplies Electronic Navigational Charts (‘ENCs’) to NYK LNG Shipmanagement, one of the World’s largest independent owners and managers of Liquefied Natural Gas vessels.

GNS supplies one GNS Bundle at a fixed annual price to meet the ENC requirements of all 13 London managed vessels, enabling the NYK Purchasing and Operations team to manage their entire ENC purchasing via a single purchase order and invoice.

“By tailoring the bundle price to the specific needs of our fleet, we have been able to reduce the costs of our ENC related admin by a significant percent– a great result.”

Captain Ed Narraway

Marine and HSEQ Manager, NYK LNG Shipmanagement (UK) LTD

GNS has supplied Helikon Shipping Enterprises, the London based Bulk Carrier operator, for more than a decade. Services provided include On Demand (ad-hoc) paper and digital charts and publications and VOYAGER onboard software.

Recently the company expanded its fleet wide use of the GNS VOYAGER software to take advantage of VOYAGER’s advanced route planning and optimisation tools. In addition to VOYAGER’s inventory management, compliance management and chart updating functionality, the fleet now also uses A2BviaC digital distance tables and Meteo Group’s SPOS weather routing technology, all of which is enabling Helikon to improve route planning and achieve greater fuel efficiencies.

“By extending our use of GNS’s VOYAGER software to include added value services like A2BviaC and SPOS weather optimisation we are able to optimise operations for weather and other factors more easily and more efficiently.”

Matthew Wooldridge

Helikon Shipping Enterprises

Marfin Management have been managing and operating handy and supramax dry cargo vessels since 1926.

Their team of Master mariners ashore provide 24/7 operational support to vessels at sea, guiding their seafarers and ensuring all required tasks on board are performed up to the highest standards. GNS support that team by providing all their navigational products and services in a relationship spanning 12 years. In particular, GNS has recently supplied 2 Marfin Management new build vessels with ENCs as fixed price bundle to help them manage their digital chart purchasing more efficiently.

GNS provide a full range of navigational products and services to the Seven Seas Bulk Carrier fleet including digital charts and publications and VOYAGER software.

In a relationship that has spanned more than a decade, we have the privilege of working closely with Seven Seas management and crew to help test and refine new solutions including new versions of VOYAGER and a number of ENC-related innovations.

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