Fully searchable global database of 120k+ vessels, owners, operators and managers to enhance sales, marketing, customer experience and reduce commercial and operational risks.

Global database

Insightful data

Results driven

Enhance operations

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The ultimate data insight tool

VFI GLOBAL FLEET is a fully searchable maritime database containing 120k+ vessels, owners, operators and managers to help enhance sales, marketing, customer experience and offer a more personalised service.

  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Improve customer on boarding and after-sales service
  • Increase focus and get better results
  • Transform after-sales customer care

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Get access to rich maritime data

Hourly position data, Flag and Class data, trading histories, destination ports and sea time plus full compliance and ownership history viewed geographically and as list views. Continuously updated. Click to find out more.

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More than 1.4 billion data points

VFI GLOBAL FLEET provides a detailed view of every IMO registered vessel in the world over a rolling 3-year period. Information can be easily searched, filtered, manipulated, viewed and exported to meet business requirements using over 100 search criteria.

Bring your own data and customise it

Customise VFI GLOBAL FLEET by adding your proprietary data sets such as relationship history, equipment installed and installation and servicing dates for your own private, exclusive use. Click here to find out more.

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Unlimited searching and filtering

Define your own lists of vessels based on your own criteria, save, share and re-use searches as required and access data in list-view and spatially on a map. Export at the click of a button for further analysis and use in your own in-house systems.

5 ways Voyager GLOBAL FLEET can help your business

  1. Ship suppliers offering services in specific ports can now identify and target vessels based on their AIS location and ETA.
  2. Equipment suppliers can plan servicing using sailing hours and nautical miles data.
  3. Ship suppliers can identify which companies are most likely to buy their products or services, focus sales and improve conversion rates.
  4. Shipmanagers and suppliers can use trading and port call histories to provide more accurate proposals and more accurately predict cost of supply.
  5. Charterers and shippers can identify vessels that match their requirements by type, location and port ETA and make better-informed chartering decisions.

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Would you benefit from better insight?

Assess your current insight level and see if our database of 120k+ vessels, owners, operators and managers could benefit you.

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