UKHO announce Korea releases 778 new and updated ENCs

January 29, 2020

Korea has announced that they are releasing a large number of updated ENCs over the next six weeks.

The programme commences with the 16 existing Band 6 ENCs listed below being removed from sale from WK 2/2020. Korea have informed us that these ENCs are still valid for use by existing holders and they will continue to be updated until the end of 2020, when all licences will have expired.

ENC removed from sale including the title
KR4F4D40 – Jinji Man and Approaches
KR4F4N30Title Not Specified
KR4G3A30Jinhae Man and Approaches
KR5F2J23Yeonpyeongdo Hang
KR5F2K24 Title Not Specified
KR5F2O13Taean Hang Anheung Hamg
KR5F4C32Plans on West Coast of Korea
KR5F4F33Plans on West Coast of Korea
KR5F4K13Title Not Specified
KR5F4K14Dodu Hang Wimi Hang
KR5F4K23Jeju Hang Seogwipo Hang
KR5F4N34Approaches to IEODO
KR5G1J31Samcheok Hang
KR5G1J34Plans South Part Korea E Coast
KR5G1N32Hupo Hang to Ganggu Hang
KR5G3B32Ulsan Hang (Onsan)

The plan also identifies large numbers of new ENCs and New Editions which will be released in phases, starting with Band 6 then Band 5 then Band 4 and finally, Bands 1 and 3. We will update AVCS Folios in the normal way, as the updated data is released.

The full release plan, as supplied by Korea, is available from the embedded link. The plan may be changed by Korea without notice. Details of the changes each week will be published in the P_Weekly file as normal.​