AVCS data – Weeks’ 46 & 47

November 30, 2017

The UKHO have advised that there is an issue with AVCS data supplied in Weeks’ 46 and 47.

You may be affected by this issue if you:

  • Use Admiralty Planning Station or Admiralty Gateway
  • Update AVCS using the Weekly Updates email
  • Receive AVCS updates from GNS on disc or USB
  • Own any of the ENCs listed on the attached pdf document

Some models of ECDIS may show errors when trying to load affected AVCS data.

If you do have issues with these cells, the data will be repaired with the AVCS updates for week 48. If you require this data urgently, you can request this through support@gnsworldwide.com.  The repaired data will also be provided with Voyager updates for week 49.

Click here to download the pdf for more information: AVCS user information